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This was such a great experience! I learned a lot about myself and where I want to take my business.
- Tamara M.
The Kickstart Your Business mission is to get you back on-track - with joy - fast.
"Every time I go through my playbook, I reconnect with what I love most about my business and the freedom I have to shape it into whatever I want. I also love that I get a refresher on daily practices that get me into an amazing, positive mindset. This playbook gets me fired up and re-inspired to take action and gives me a solid plan-in-hand to go forward. "  ~ Me
A kick start like this will ignite thoughts and actions like nothing else. 
- Margaret R.
How will the Kick Start Your Business Playbook change your business (and life)?
You always ask the best questions.

Here's what the journey will look like:

Consider how amazing any one of these things would be. Now put them all together and you've got an amazing work-focused retreat-in-a-box (okay, ebook, not box): an easy investment for big returns...

1. You'll get really clear on where you are now. Let's be honest, oftentimes we don't take the time to see where we are in our lives. How can we know where we're going if we don't know where we are?

2. You'll get a look into your future. Put on those magic sunglasses and see what the future looks like through the lenses of powerful possibility. Now let's get you to that beautiful future!

3. Reconnect with the spark that fires all that you do. This is your "why", your reason for being and what makes you incredibly unique. This is why people love you and want to work with you.

4. Develop daily habits that create a structure that support your positive mindset, your health, your success. The less you have to reinvent success and a routine that gives you a solid foundation, every day, the more room you'll have to get your genius ideas out to the world. 

5. Finish up the playbook with an actionable plan in-hand. You'll see your goals being met at 30, 60 and 90 days. 

6. Ongoing support. We all go through ups and downs, but we don't have to do it without help. The playbook includes an exceptional go-to list for when you're feeling in a funk or just not sure what to do next. 
Before I sat down to do this playbook, I was ready to quit my business. Now I'm really excited and inspired by all the possibilities and I'm ready to make some changes today. I feel wonderful - thank you!!
- Kristin C. 
Value-packed Workshop you can do at your own pace
Get your copy of the Kick Start Your Business Playbook today for only $147 
This is a great end-of-year/beginning-of-year activity to get you re-energized and re-aligned with your business and ready to create the reality you want for your new year. 

I hope you jump on this and really take some time to relax and enjoy the KSYB Playbook experience. The lessons learned here and the habits I've incorporated into my daily life have changed everything. I still have my good days and not so good days, but the lower-end extremes have leveled off and they don't last long. I just keep coming back to this work and re-center to what's important. 

What gifts are you going to share in this lifetime? 
Let's get cracking.

With love, Katy

Who? The Kick Start Your Business Playbook is designed especially for women entrepreneurs.

Why? This Playbook will help you cultivate positive self talk
 (Release the negative gremlins!)

Why again? Doing this work will help you get to the core of who you are and what makes you tick. From that place, we will move forward, getting clear on your vision and making REAL plans, with actionable steps. This will help you become energetically aligned and everything will move with greater ease and flow. This is where we want to be. This place of alignment is where we connect more authentically and attract the best people into our lives. 

What will I experience? I consider the time I spend doing the KSYB Playbook not only as time invested in my business, but as non-negotiable self-care. As entrepreneurs, our lives and our businesses are entertwined. The more clarity and  understanding we can gain around our business, the more fulfilled we feel in our lives. And there are SO MANY LESSONS we learn about ourselves as we start and grow our baby businesses. These businesses are extentions of our hearts, that we carefully bring to the world, hoping other see the potential change that they can also experience. I recommend setting aside a morning and book yourself on your calendar. Take yourself to somewhere you can focus and relax and enjoy your time with your Playbook and your journey.

If you're feeling stuck, lost, out-of-love or just out-of-whack with your business, the best thing I can do is recommend that you invest in this experience for yourself. 

This would be a GREAT experience for my business clients and friends. This really helped me put my thousands of ideas into perspective and focus in on what my next steps are. Not to mention some great tools that I took with me to help me stay organized and on track!
- Marcia M.
Why I created the Kick Start Your Business Playbook

From many failed attempts to launch a business before I knew what I was doing, before I knew where to find outside help and support, I struggled to find my way. I struggled to get a foothold, I struggled to share my message and to connect with the people that I could best serve. Through my failures, I learned. I found ways to connect with new clients. I found ways to be sure I kept momentum. I learned what was most important in starting, developing and maintaining a successful business.  Everything I share in this Playbook has come from my trials and errors, variants of gems I've learned from my mentors, ideas I've developed over the years and then some extra elements that came into being as I pulled everything together for this. It's practical, it's a little magical and everything is actionable and designed to help you feel powerful about your choices and your abilities. Because you have all the ability you need, sometimes it just helps to have a little extra support.
During this program I realized that I have no option but to work with fierce love, build strong connections, seek out opportunities for rampant joy and stay in a perpetual state of possibility.
- Margaret R.
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