Your stuck-ness is crazy-making - you’ve accomplished some pretty amazing things and now you’re starting a new business, new project, new life. You’ve done it before, but this time you just can’t get it together.


You KNOW you should be able to do it, but you’re under a lot of pressure to make this business work. You need to start making money as financial pressures are mounting - and the last thing you want is to go get just another soul-sucking job, working for someone else.


When you’re under this kind of pressure, it’s hard to see the path forward. It’s hard to think clearly. It’s hard to figure out what to do and what is going to move you in the right direction.


The doubts take over - you’re not good enough, you’re not ready - you second-guess every thought. Doubt wins over bravery and you’re scared, so you hesitate to put yourself out there. So you can’t get clients, you can’t make money… it feels like things are getting harder by the day, like you’re driving with one foot on the brake.


Something is holding you back and it’s frustrating to lose your days this way - over-thinking and paralyzed - you’re sick of the struggle.


But here’s the truth to hold on to:

You’re here to make a difference. You’re here to help. You’re meant for more.

You're ready for things to turn around, for clients to come knocking down your door and for money to start flowing into your bank account. You're ready to let go of whatever it is that's holding you back and excited to start living without compromise again.


You wish you could wave a wand and stop second-guessing. Leave fear and worry behind. And you wish you could start kicking butt, taking names and finally make a real go of this business.


You want to shake off the distractions, stop the procrastination and feel better as you live and work with purpose. You want to feel excited to get to work, and to take back the reins of your business and life.


It’s going to be amazing - so why does getting there seem just out-of-reach? How can you find the way forward after being stuck for so long?

The good news? YOU can do it... and I can help!

I’m a coach for women entrepreneurs like you who want to grow their online businesses. You need more clients, but feel stuck and frustrated, thinking you need to do all the things experts say you “should” be doing. Instead, I help you identify and use the unique strengths and skills you already have to attract more clients, make more money, and have more fun in your business.




Let’s see what that looks like.

After Your Get Unstuck Sessions You'll Be Able To:
Break out of the mental jail of procrastination.
Know your next steps so you can move forward with confidence.
Re-ignite your passion for your purpose and your work.
Keep focused and on-track, using a plan created just for you.


The Get Unstuck package includes:

Get Clarity Now Journaling 
These journaling prompts will help you better understand what strengths and skills you already have, where you are and where you'd like to take your business. This sets an excellent foundation for our work and helps us maximize our time together.


Get Unstuck 90 Minute Session
You’ll have two private coaching sessions. This first call is a 90 Minute private coaching session where we deep dive into where you are now, and where you’d like to take your business. You’ll walk away with your personal Mini Action Plan (M.A.P.) designed to take you towards your goals to get traction, momentum and start building confidence.  


Daily Momentum Building
10-minute bite-sized activities in the 2 weeks between calls to support your mindset and courage to act. Helping you keep focus and momentum. Helping you cultivate the habits that will lead to a lifetime of success.


Get Unstuck 30 Minute Session
We check-in with a second (30 minute) session 2 weeks later to support your focus and momentum. We review the actions you took, review your M.A.P., and make adjustments as-needed. We tighten it up so you can continue to gather speed and gain confidence in your work.


Let’s shake off all the stuck muck and get you up and running, with a M.A.P. that speaks to your unique strengths and skills and your desires for your life and your business.


Investment: $99​​​​​​​ 


Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Book your call and make your payment HERE

Step 2. Within 24 hours of booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your Get Clarity Now journaling prompts. Block out at least 30 minutes so you can relax and focus on your answers. Send those back to me as quickly as you can so I can read prior to our session.

Step 3. It’s time for your session! We’ll use this time to help you shift you into Superhero action-taking mode. You’ll walk away with your MAP in-hand, focused, ready to run with the plan and the accountability you need to get started. 

Still have questions? I’m happy to help! Send me a note:

I'm your business coach and host for our Get Unstuck sessions. I'm a serial entrepreneur, photographer, artist, reiki master, mom and wife, who gets to live and play in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 

I'm passionate about encouraging women to bring their creativity, passion and joy to the world through their work. 

When we can express the calling of our heart through our work, we can truly change the world.
"This session with Katy has been incredibly effective! 


I came to Katy with a problem (being stuck with my next biz move). Through the initial questions and conversation she pointed out that the problem might be actually somewhere else (need to starting writing my first book that I've been procrastinating on for years), and through what happened next (in the session, through my homework and then the follow-up call) I have not only figured out the subject of that first book (after four years of procrastination and hesitation), I have also gotten myself unstuck and know exactly what I want my next biz moves to be.


So we achieved more than what I thought was possible!


If you're considering working with Katy, DO IT! It will open the floodgates of creativity and flow: of ideas, of energy, of confidence. Everything has fallen into place and Katy helped me see the missing elements to make all of that happen.


Prepare to do the work and prepare for magic to happen in between.


I'm definitely coming back!
​​​​​​- Kat Bern